Coronavirus (COVID-19) – information update

DHC the NHS and Public Health England (PHE) are extremely well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases. The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff whilst continuing to provide important services. Appointments at DHC have been changed to telephone consultations. You should not attend your […]

Wellbeing Support – Useful information for difficult times

We are all individuals and respond to situations in different ways therefore not every self-help suggestion will work for everyone. There are no set rules for managing emotions so a helpful way of thinking about this could be to think “is my current method working for me?” If the answer is yes, then great, but […]

Why not make good mental health your New Year’s resolution?

It’s that time of year when we are all busy making resolutions, eat healthily, go to the gym, cut down on drinking… We want to clear out the Christmas decorations and think about a fresh new start so why don’t more of us consider making our mental health a priority? All of us would benefit […]

A day in the life of . . . a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Christopher Hutchins-Joss explains what a typical day is like for a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist at DHC Talking Therapies I initially worked in academia – primarily researching sensory differences in people with autism and people with neurotypical development. Although I loved my work, I was not satisfied. Changing careers allowed me to see a marked difference […]

Sleep – Together with Every Mind Matters

A bad night’s sleep can affect us in many ways. This can include feelings of irritability and our ability to concentrate. If sleeplessness is a regular occurrence for you, it’s possible you could have insomnia (see the NHS website for further information). Struggling to get a good night’s sleep can also impact our mental health […]

DHC Talking Therapies introduces free student programmes on SilverCloud

Designed to help with symptoms of low mood and anxiety. SilverCloud Health is an exciting, free, online solution that provides a range of student programmes tailored to users aged 18-25 to support them with anxiety, depression and stress and help build their resilience and positive body image. Accessible and easy to use. Flexible; use it […]

Low Mood – Together with Every Mind Matters

As part of the Every Mind Matters campaign this October, DHC Talking Therapies will be talking about how we can all make an impact on our mental health. This week we are talking about Low Mood.Everyone feels low or down from time to time. It doesn’t always mean something is wrong. We have all experienced […]

New Talking Therapies service at Medwyn Centre, Dorking

DHC Talking Therapies are opening a new therapy suite at the Medwyn Centre, Dorking Talking therapy is for anyone who is going through a bad time or has emotional problems. The specialist team at DHC includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapists (CBT) and Wellbeing Practitioners who are trained to help people with common mental health problems such […]