Guided Self Help CBT

Guided Self Help CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is delivered by trained Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners. You will learn coping strategies to help you make positive changes to your behaviour and thinking in order to feel better.

This approach can be very effective to help people overcome problems like low mood, lack of motivation, panic and stress.

guided self help cbt
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Tailored Treatment

Not only will your treatment be unique to your specific needs it can also be delivered in a way that is best for you (face-to-face, phone, computer-based).

We are an NHS Provider

Talking Therapies is an NHS service.
It is free to use and available to anyone registered with a Surrey GP and over the age of 17.

Confidential & Supportive

Our Talking Therapies service is completely confidential. Highly-trained therapists will offer you non-judgmental support and the right therapy plan for your needs.

How does Guided Self Help CBT work?

You will work with your practitioner to identify current thinking patterns and behaviours. You will learn self-help techniques to improve these and to help reduce any physical symptoms you may be experiencing.

The ultimate aim is to help you to learn ways to manage your emotions in a healthy way. This treatment will be most effective if techniques are practised outside sessions.