Frequently asked questions

You do not have to pay for treatment. We are an NHS Organisation and our services are free for everyone who is eligible

Dorking Healthcare (DHC) is an NHS organisation that provides a wide range of quality healthcare services in Surrey and Sussex.

We are registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and we are an accredited AQP (Any Qualified Provider).

We provide Talking Therapies at 30 locations across Surrey and Consultant-led Outpatient Services at Dorking Hospital and Holmhurst Medical Centre, Redhill.

DHC Clinical

We aim to get all clients into treatment within 28 days of the initial assessment appointment.

Our admin team work on our waiting lists on a daily basis, and will contact you via phone, letter or email when an appointment becomes available. The more flexible you can be about the time and location of your appointment, the quicker we will be able to accommodate you.

Talking Therapies are available at various locations across Surrey. We will always strive to find an appointment in a location that is accessible to you, however you may be required to travel a short distance.

The location options that we offer you will be based on your availability, the type of treatment you are having and the service availability. We cannot guarantee treatment sessions at your specific location or GP surgery.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based approach that looks at the link between a situation, our thoughts, feelings, emotions and our actions/behaviours.

You will work with your practitioner to identify current thinking patterns and behaviours, as well as learning self-help techniques to improve and to help reduce any physical symptoms.

Counselling based treatment helps people access underlying feelings, make sense of them, and draw on the new meanings which emerge to make positive changes in their lives.

Counselling for depression helps people explore and understand the feelings underlying their depression; how to express these feelings; and then empowers them to develop new ways of looking at themselves and the world around them.

Yes, we provide a range of support for those caring for a loved one. Choose from face-to-face, telephone or online CBT. You can refer yourself online or call us on 01483 906392. More information here

The service is open Monday to Wednesday 8am-8pm and Thursday to Friday 8am-6pm. We are unable to offer appointments outside these hours. Evening appointments are very popular, therefore there is often a longer wait for these appointments.

To help you access treatment as easily as possible, you can also choose from a wide range of computer-based CBT (cCBT) SilverCloud programmes.

We will ask you to bring a completed Minimum Data Set (MDS) questionnaire to each session.

Your practitioner will give you a copy at the end of each session as well as any forms from the tasks set in the previous session.

Download the questionnaire

It is not appropriate for children to attend appointments with you as this can cause distress for both you and your child.

Should you be unable to arrange childcare, please contact us to discuss your options prior to your appointment.

We usually recommend that you attend your appointments alone due to confidentiality, however if you would like another adult in attendance (eg a carer) then please let our admin team know when you book your first appointment, so they can pass this onto your practitioner in advance of your first session.

If you are unable to attend a treatment appointment, please contact our admin team as soon as possible on 01483 906392 or email:

As an NHS service, our resources are limited and we will always try to offer appointments you cannot attend to someone else. Therefore please do give us as much notice as possible. If you do not attend your appointment and have not cancelled it, you will be discharged. We do this to ensure that our waiting times are kept to a minimum and that we use our resources to help people.

Missed appointments represent a very high cost to the NHS.

Should you decide that you no longer wish to have treatment with us, please contact our office on 01483 906392, and we will discharge you from our service.