Group Course: Bereavement Counselling for Depression

This is a free course for all who would like to explore more around the loss of a loved one, offered in a small confidential group.

Here we acknowledge that we cannot change what has happened but hopefully through this group we can learn to reconcile and maybe heal the grief. We look at how we manage our emotions, we will hear others’ stories of losing people they loved, we look at what it’s like to grieve and mourn.

We talk about the loved one, who they were to us, what we miss about them and also talk about how they died and how we learned of their death.

Grief can be incredibly painful but there’s nothing wrong with pain, just a response to it – pain is often an indicator that something is wrong, but we learn that the pain of grief is not wrong but it is different from any other type of pain.

Our popular group courses run throughout the year. If there are no forthcoming dates provided above you can register your interest in joining a course by filling in the self-referral form or calling us on 01483 906392.

Call 01483 906 392 to find out more or refer yourself to the group here

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We provide a range of therapies including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Computer-based CBT to people over 17 and registered with a Surrey GP.

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