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Ageing well


Older age is a time when there are usually a number of life changes, such as retirement, children leaving home, bereavements and sometimes changes in physical health. Adapting to these changes can be challenging and can have a negative effect on your emotional well-being.

Later life can offer many advantages and disadvantages, although is often seen just as a period of decline. Research by Help the Aged (2004) found that advantages include increased time for social activities, increased self-confidence and acceptance, and easing of domestic activities.

The most common issues negatively affecting mental health in older age are depression and memory issues, with depression being more common. Other issues that can have an impact on emotional well-being in later life may include:
• Role loss or change
• Financial issues
• Social isolation
• Physical health issues
• Mobility issues
• Bereavement

We are here to help

Feeling stressed, worried, depressed? Trouble sleeping or feeling angry? Is your long term physical health condition getting you down? Contact us to discuss ways that we can help you.

We are not a crisis centre

In the middle of a mental health crisis it can be difficult to know what to do and who to contact for assistance. 

In an Immediate Crisis:
If you are concerned about yours or someone else’s immediate safety, then call 999 for emergency services.

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