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Mindfulness is a form of meditation and is a focused awareness of the present moment. It can help us to recognize that our thoughts are just thoughts – they don’t necessarily represent reality. We can then observe our thoughts rather than being subject to them. Mindfulness involves focussing your attention entirely on the present moment which is often achieved by focussing on something constant such as your breathing or an external object. Mindfulness aims to help you learn to observe and accept your experiences. Life often becomes busy and overwhelming and it can be easy to end up paying very little attention to what is happening in the present. Many of our experiences and much of our life can go by unnoticed and ultimately unappreciated. Mindfulness is the practise of staying in the moment, with ourselves and our surroundings. Not trying to change things but trying instead to accept the way that things are for better or for worse. Mindfulness techniques include sitting meditation, body scan and stretches.

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Feeling stressed, worried, depressed? Trouble sleeping or feeling angry? Is your long term physical health condition getting you down? Contact us to discuss ways that we can help you.

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In the middle of a mental health crisis it can be difficult to know what to do and who to contact for assistance. 

In an Immediate Crisis:
If you are concerned about yours or someone else’s immediate safety, then call 999 for emergency services.

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