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Relaxation is an important skill for both maintaining and improving emotional and physical health. Using relaxation techniques can decrease both muscle tension and feelings of emotional distress. Relaxation is a mentally active process that leaves the body and mind feeling relaxed, calm and focused.

There are many different types of relaxation techniques and no single technique will suit everyone. When choosing a relaxation technique it is best to consider your specific needs and preferences. What do you enjoy doing? What fits into your lifestyle? What can you do to relax for general good health versus specific techniques you may use at times of feeling stressed?

We are here to help

Feeling stressed, worried, depressed? Trouble sleeping or feeling angry? Is your long term physical health condition getting you down? Contact us to discuss ways that we can help you.

We are not a crisis centre

In the middle of a mental health crisis it can be difficult to know what to do and who to contact for assistance. 

In an Immediate Crisis:
If you are concerned about yours or someone else’s immediate safety, then call 999 for emergency services.

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