How can sand help with depression? Find out more…

Counselling for depression (CfD) often uses creative therapies that help clients access underlying feelings and then help them make sense of these. One of these is the use of the sand tray.

Working creatively can be a powerful way of accessing complex feelings when words are difficult to say out loud or strong emotions are hard to process. This form of therapy can be very effective for depression and grief.

Don’t worry though! You don’t need any art skills to do this, you don’t need even to be a ‘creative’ person, these therapies can benefit everyone.

At DHC we offer a range of therapies depending on your personal requirements. Courses are tailored to your needs and we can suggest some activities that we feel would be beneficial to you.

“I’ve had an amazing experience and journey with Dorking Healthcare. They have helped me a lot in understanding and opening my eyes and helping me in different ways.”

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Sand Tray Therapy

This method allows therapy clients of all ages to bypass the logical and intellectual parts of themselves and access a deeper, creative aspect while they create and explore imaginary worlds. It is often used when grief or trauma make it difficult to express feelings and thoughts in words. Touching the sand can be very therapeutic in itself – offering a healing beyond what we can visibly understand.

How it works

The sand tray we use is a rectangular tray several inches deep, filled two-thirds full with clean white sand.
Clients are invited to choose from a selection of small figures and objects including human figures, animals, buildings and vehicles. Any of these figures can be placed within the sand tray to create a small imaginary world. The sand can also be moved to create an evocative landscape such as pilling it up to make a hill or mountain, moving it to create pathways or tracks. This helps the client recreate and represent different places and situations in their unique experience and takes away the pressure to put often complex feelings or thoughts into words.
There are no right or wrong ways of doing this, clients are free to explore their feelings in a supportive and confidential environment and those who have experienced depression, trauma and grief often find this to be highly effective.

Every client is unique

Every client who comes to us for a Talking Therapy is unique and we offer a wide range of therapies depending on your specific requirements. We can even offer therapies via phone, skype or online if it is hard for you to access our locations or prefer to work at your own pace.

About DHC Talking Therapies

Talking Therapies are here to help when life gets too tough.

We provide a range of therapies including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Computer-based CBT to people over 17 and registered with a Surrey GP.

You can refer yourself for these services without seeing your GP first.

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