How the Talking Therapies process works

You may feel that you could benefit from using our services but are unsure how the process works. The information below explains what you can expect.

Alternatively, you can speak directly to our team on 01483 906392 or see our FAQ’s.

Our clinicians work creatively and flexibly to treat each client in the context of their problems. We are sensitive to all cultural and religious beliefs. Our services are available to working age adults and people over 65.

Step 1: Refer yourself

To refer yourself to Talking Therapies you can fill in our form or call us on 01483 906392.

You need to be 17+ and registered with a Surrey GP.

Step 2: Our team will contact you

Our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. This will be a chance to talk about the options that may be best for your unique requirements.

We aim to contact you within 1 or 2 days after receiving your referral form.

Step 3: Starting treatment

We aim to provide you with an appointment at a suitable location within 28 days of our initial conversation.

Alternatively, we will provide details about how you can access phone or online Talking Therapies.

The duration of your therapy will depend on your specific requirements. Your therapist will discuss your treatment plan with you. You will also receive access to a range of helpful resources in the client log-in area of our website.

Ongoing review

As your treatment progresses, our therapists will work with you to ensure that your treatment is working well for you. Adjustments to your treatment plan can be made if required.

You will always be kept informed of changes.