Latest Group Course Testimonials

Our team runs a range of free and confidential group courses throughout the year. These groups focus on many different mental health needs, but what they all have in common is how effective they are in helping those who join them.

Below is some of the latest feedback from our ‘Depression and low self-esteem’ groups…

“The Depression and Low Self Esteem group sessions were extremely helpful. I have had a lot of counselling in the past but I think this has been the best I have ever had. It was clear, well delivered and well paced and has given me all the information and ideas I need to establish better thinking plans for the future. It was particularly helpful to have all the session notes sent to us afterwards so I can now go back over what was said and remind myself about the methods we were given to reclaim our self esteem and prevent the slump into depression which has happened in the past.  

I feel so much better equipped to deal with life now! The therapists were very empathetic, very encouraging and very articulate. The fact that it was a group session was very helpful because it made me realise that others are in the same situation as I am; very reassuring!

 I would deflnitely recommend this to anyone suffering with depression and low self esteem, and I hope that the programme will be continued in the future, in order to help others. Thank you”

“I found the sessions amazingly helpful. Prior to starting, I wasn’t sure what to expect; my main concern was I was unsure whether the sessions would provide me with the level of support I felt I needed. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

By working through the pathway to low self-esteem and depression over the course of 6 weeks, I have had the opportunity to understand myself at a comfortable pace and in a safe environment. Tia and Natasha were gentle, encouraging, and clear in their approach to the sessions. They explained everything with clarity and at an appropriate pace – not to mention they demonstrated understanding, empathy, and support when myself and other group members shared personal experiences with one another.

The course has impacted my life for the better and I would recommend it to everyone!”

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