Mental health problems

Talking therapies for emotional and mental health in Surrey

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 of us in any given year. It is common and normal to experience changes in your mood and behaviour at times of stress and emotional upset.
Talking Therapies offer a range of proven techniques to help with common mental health problems.

Are you a carer?

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Further information about symptoms and how we can help

You can refer yourself or you can ask your GP to refer you

Our specialised, accredited therapists will guide you to the best treatment for your needs. Our services are available to working age adults and people over 65.

Poor mental health can impact on the way you need and want to live your life. You may find the ways you are thinking and reacting become difficult to cope with.

"I have come to the end of my CBT sessions and I feel really confident now to cope after all the advice, care and patience. I owe you so much, you have given me 100% care, information and help and I could not have done this without you."