Staff Survey 2022 – working together to improve the experience of our staff

Each Autumn, DHC (as well as other NHS healthcare providers across the country) invites staff to take part in the NHS Staff Survey to see what we are doing well and identify areas for improvement, as well as contribute to capturing a national picture.

It’s one of the largest workforce surveys in the world and is aligned to the NHS People Promise.

The survey offers staff the opportunity to comment on many aspects of their work:

  • Job role and responsibilities
  • Job satisfaction and motivation
  • Involvement in team or departmental changes
  • Support from managers
  • Managers’ interest in staff wellbeing
  • Confidence to speak up about concerns
  • Recommending DHC as a place to work or receive treatment

We’ve compiled the results of DHC’s 2022 survey and are delighted to share the following highlights:

  • 95% of staff say they feel enthusiastic about their job (an increase from 91% in 2021 and above the national average of 92%)
  • 93% of staff feel that their colleagues are polite and treat each other with respect, similarly 89% agree that they are understanding and kind to each other (compared with the national average of 72% and 71% respectively)
  • 89% of staff ranked the care of patients as our top priority (compared with 74% nationally). In addition, 88% would be happy for a friend or relative to receive care from DHC (an increase from 79% last year and well above the national average of 63%)
  • We want our staff to have long and fulfilling careers with us, so it’s reassuring to see that 58% of staff believe there are career development opportunities for them at DHC (compared with the national average of 55%)
  • We have a flexible approach to working, so are delighted to see that 76% of staff feel there are opportunities for flexible working (a 5% increase from 2021 and a strong comparison with the national average of 54%)
  • We take our employees’ health and well-being very seriously, this is evident in the results, as 64% feel we take positive action to encourage this (an increase from 57% in 2021 and above the national average of 57%). In addition, 86% feel that their immediate manager takes a positive interest in their health and well-being (an increase from 77% in 2021 and above the national average of 69%)
  • 70% of staff feel that they have adequate materials, supplies and equipment to do their work (a 3% increase from 2021 and well over the national average of 56%)
  • Finally, 70% of staff would recommend DHC as a great place to work (this has increased by 10% since last year and compares well to the national average of 57%)

As an organisation we are extremely proud of the dedication of our staff which is demonstrated throughout these positive survey results. We’d like to thank all those who took part; it’s encouraging to see engagement this year was 54%, compared with the national average of 46%.

We always welcome the opportunity to see what we are doing well and to celebrate our successes. In equal measure we are keen to understand areas for improvement so that we have an opportunity to address them in the coming months. We want all staff to continue to feel valued, to enjoy working at DHC and to feel motivated to recommend DHC as a place to work and receive treatment.

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