Stress – Together with Every Mind Matters

As part of the Every Mind Matters campaign this October, DHC Talking Therapies will be talking about how we can all make an impact on our mental health. This week we are talking about Stress.

There are so many demands on us in everyday life whether it’s work, family, finances or a specific event. These demands can cause stress and make us feel that we don’t have control of our situation.

Physical symptoms of stress can include insomnia, teeth grinding, short temper and agitation.

If you experience ongoing symptoms and it impacts on your daily life, talk to the team at DHC Talking Therapies for further advice, click here for self-referral

Here are some useful tips for dealing with stress.

Cut a big task down into smaller tasks.

Sometimes, big tasks can be overwhelming but cutting them into chunks can make a task feel achievable.
If a messy house and lack of organisation is causing you stress why not tackle one part at a time. Maybe just start with organising your paperwork and then move onto other tasks – make sure you give yourself credit for finishing a task.

Challenge unhelpful thoughts.

There is a great video on Every Mind Matters website that can help you reframe unhelpful thoughts. See it here.

Try to think about positive things too.

Sometimes stressful situations can overwhelm us, but we can also try and think of positive things too. How about making a list of the good things you can be thankful for.

Plan and prepare.

If you know that you have a stressful event coming up it can help to pre-plan what you will need, create a to-do list, research your journey or anything that gives you additional reassurance.
There are more tips over on the Every Mind Matters website and you can also create your own mind plan!

If you do feel that stress is affecting your life and you would like support for this, the team at DHC Talking Therapies are her to help so talk to us.

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