Support for stress in Surrey

What is stress?

Stress occurs when a person feels they cannot cope with their current demands and pressures. Stress comes from inside us for example wanting to succeed or from external events such as being made redundant.

Symptoms of stress include cognitive symptoms such as memory problems and racing thoughts or emotional symptoms like a short temper or agitation. We may experience physical symptoms for example headaches and insomnia or behavioural symptoms such as changes in eating patterns and teeth grinding.

Managing stress

We often cannot control stressful events but we can control our reactions to them. The amount of stress we feel is often due to the importance we place on the event or situation, our beliefs about ourselves, our thoughts about the situation and how we are feeling emotionally.

Our qualified therapists can help you deal with stress. Treatments include our dedicated stress management workshop.

Treating stress with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be very effective in treating stress and we can deliver this to you in a range of methods that fit your individual needs and lifestyle. 

Face to Face CBT

Talking therapies are available at various locations throughout the Surrey area.

Online CBT

Access therapy from the convenience of your own location and working at your own pace.

Phone or Skype CBT

CBT can also be delivered to you via phone or Skype if this would work best for you.

How can I access support for stress in Surrey?

Our NHS service is free and available throughout Surrey for people 17+ who are registered with a Surrey GP.

You can ask your GP to refer you or you can choose to refer yourself and you can expect complete confidentiality.

For self-referral, simply complete our online form or call us on 01483 906392. Our team will discuss with you ways that we can help.