About one in five people in the UK have some difficulty with sleeping. Sleep problems can be a key sign of common mental health conditions and sleep disorders can actually trigger mood and other emotional disorders. Sleep difficulties are particularly common in women, children, and those over 65, although everyone can be affected. Everyone needs […]

Respiratory conditions

Living with a lung condition can be difficult and stressful. As well as having difficult physical symptoms that you must learn to cope with such as breathlessness and coughing, you may also experience more tiredness and may find that you are less active than before your diagnosis. Lung conditions can also affect you in ways […]


There are many issues that people with CFS/ME have to deal with. Constant feelings of exhaustion will impact on your everyday activities, which in turn can lead to feelings of low mood. Low mood often causes a person to feel tired and an unhelpful spiral of fatigue is common. Common symptoms of low mood and […]