What our clients say about Talking Therapies

We pride ourselves on our short waiting times, great recovery rates and being recognised as a leading provider of talking therapies across Surrey.

We have a 5 star NHS user rating

I have been supported by Talking Therapies at a moment of complete desperation and have had counselling before, not by this agency. I was so concerned that to open up again and have a very six week only course would be more damaging than helpful. My counsellor was the best I have experienced and was able to extend my time by a few weeks weeks which made the service so valuable, whilst I appreciated it had a time line. There was so much to cover but the tools I was given each week set positive aims but challenging ones. I can never thank this person enough. I do hope he gets this feedback and thanks. Also the praise he deserves. He saved my life in the immediacy and helped me find my self respect and energy for the future.

From the moment I contacted talking therapies and spoke to a therapist I never looked back, my therapist was very empathetic, professional and helpful. After my sessions with talking therapies I felt less anxious, more confident and ready to tackle the demands of our modern world. If you’re feeling anxious and or depressed please contact these guys they are amazing! Thank you talking therapies keep up the good work!

I had amazing CBT therapy sessions online. The therapist was very professional and lovely. I felt I was well supported and things were well explained to me. I learned about and practised tools to find some that would suit me well individually. Very grateful.

I had sessions of counselling on the phone with an extremely helpful and understanding counsellor. I was very nervous and wary of contacting DHC, but after a few telephone meetings I really appreciated the help I received. I will definately recommend Talking Therapies to anyone I know who may have similar problems to mine. Thank you.

I just wanted to express my gratitude and let you know that I felt extremely comfortable talking to your team. I was told that I should receive a call from your office the next day to arrange a telephone assessment. In fact your office called me back a couple of hours after my initial call and then later on in the evening I received the questionnaires ready for my telephone assessment. I want to thank you and your staff for their professional, yet personal attitude, their efficiency and professionalism afforded to me.

This was my second round of six counselling sessions for Bereavement Counselling. I had been unsettled as a result of group counselling with CRUSE and was in need of further clarification, support and confidence to continue moving forward with my life. The counsellor assigned to me was very kind, compassionate, considerate and insightful. She enabled me to feel confident in a safe environment where I could express myself as needed. I feel that I am in a more confident and stronger situation emotionally to embrace the future. I would thoroughly recommend the DHC IAPT Service, particularly as they were able to accommodate evening sessions after work, as I work full time.

I had a stressful experience last year and my GP suggested CBT, which I started very quickly through Dorking Talking Therapies with a very good practitioner. It became clear soon that CBT wasn't quite the right approach for me, so I was efficiently and quickly referred to another practitioner for more traditional counselling, which was equally good. The whole experience was very encouraging, I was most impressed by the speed of referrals and the quality of the service. I'd encourage anyone to ask for this kind of help and I believe I'm correct that self referral is possible too, so very easy to do!

I cannot give enough thanks for how much the CBT sessions helped me dealing with my Anxiety and Depression. I had read many books on this, but for me, talking to someone that can guide us through our confusion and anxiety was just what I needed. My therapist was really wonderful and I felt very at ease with her. Thank you so very much for this treatment being available to us.

I attended 14 sessions for my anxiety and can honestly say it has been life changing. Setting up the sessions was easy and the staff over the phone and in person were very helpful. Over the weeks we set short term and long term goals. I was astonished that after 3 weeks my short term goal (driving without fear of an accident/dying) was achieved. We also tackled some general social anxiety and fears that I wasn't even necessarily aware of. My therapist was very attentive, recognised that scientific reasoning is the best approach with me and she always managed to gently push me to find the source of my fears and anxieties. I learnt so much about myself and human behaviour over these sessions and this has resulted in me becoming better at processing my feelings and communicating them to friends and family (something I'd not done much before), and so my support system has become stronger. I can now also support my friends better who experience similar anxieties. I can only wish I had done this sooner, and I recommend this service to anyone who struggles wholeheartedly.

I have had many counselling sessions. One random trip to the doctor about something totally, seemingly disconnected from anxiety, and I was on the way to receive HELP. The initial connection with DHC was fast and I was impressed. They were, initially extremely speedy but of course it does take time - and they warn you that to be flexible was/is advantageous. Not. longer after my initial interest I was given a venue and a start date. I have finished now and can honestly say that the Counselling truly helped me. I feel a different person! Thank You!

NHS at its best! At the tender age of 72 I learnt that my austere upbringing and life experiences had contributed to my negative feelings and low self esteem. Hopefully I can now challenge these feelings and develop a more positive attitude. I now realise that most people's life is not perfect.

I have come to the end of my CBT sessions and I feel really confident now to cope after all the advice, care and patience. I owe you so much, you have given me 100% care, information and help and I could not have done this without you.

I didn't think this kind of support would be able to help someone like me but I have been pleasantly surprised. I found my sessions an important space where I could be honest about my feelings and a great source of release. The techniques, advise and support given were very helpful through a difficult time. I will keep using some of the methods. Many thanks for the support and a caring and professional service.

The way you listened, your approach, you didn't rush, you didn't judge and I was able to be completely honest. You allowed me to be that.

The service I couldn't fault. The staff from the initial referral at first contact to seeing a therapist was second to none and was really helpful. I want to thank all involved for the help they have given.